QDC's Elite Ballet Program


QDC's Elite Ballet Program is intended strictly for advanced students (age 13+) who are already enrolled into part-time ballet training at QDC or another institution in Brisbane.

Entry into the program is granted solely by successful audition.

All sessions proceed via intensive strictly small-group instruction. A maximum of 15 students per class is guaranteed.

Sessions are led by highly skilled, experienced and world-renowned instructors.

Instruction includes ballet skills, pointe technique, variation coaching, stretching and conditioning, character dance, contemporary dance style and pas de deux coaching.


Classes require a commitment to attend 4.5 hours training per day. Classes are scheduled from 09:30 to 15:00 every term Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. This schedule includes an hour for lunch break.

Fee Structure

$100.00/day (+ GST)


Please send your application to


Here are some images from our current and past alumni: