Please ensure that you are familiar with QDC's policies and the FAQ before you finalise your enrollment.

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Some activities offered by QDC involve an expectation of significant discomfort or (very small) risk of temporary/permanent injury. Participants in such activities are required to sign this Release of Liability form PRIOR to taking part in any such activity.

When you are ready to enrol, please download and complete the appropriate enrollment form:

For Under 16s
Please download the Under 16s enrollment form.
For Adults
Please download the Adult enrollment form.

You should bring the form, with payment, to QDC on or before a student's first class.

Under-16's Fee Structures

Please note:

  • An Enrollment fee of $50.00/year is required to cover enrollment processing and insurance.
  • Overdue accounts will incur an administration fee of $25.00, unless a prior arrangement has been made.
  • No refunds or make-up classes can or will be given for classes missed by students.
  • QDC does not offer a tuition reduction or make-up class for any statutory holidays or other periods during which we are closed.
  • Private classes must be paid to QDC at the time of the class.

Class fees are per-term and are largely based on class time.

A term lasts 10 weeks.

Family discounts are not offered for any of our specialty classes, including holiday classes and workshops.

For QDC teachers, except directors:

Duration Charge
30 minutes $160.00
45 minutes $190.00
60 minutes $220.00

For QDC directors:

Duration Charge
30 minutes $240.00
45 minutes $270.00
60 minutes $300.00

2019 discount scheme

QDC would like to celebrate and support all the dedicated dance families in our community! We have some excellent discounts for families participating in more than one class per week.

# Classes Discount
3 10%
4–5 15%
6–7 20%
8–9 25%
10–11 30%
12+ 35%

Directors Classes Loyalty Reward Program

For students who wish to enrol in directors classes for all four terms.

  • Class sizes are strictly limited; a $200.00 deposit is required to secure a student's place for each term.
  • Students will receive 15% off for every directors class; after discount: $25.50 per 60 minute class, $22.95 per 45 minute class
  • The deposit will be deducted from term 4 fees.
  • The deposit is not refundable; it will not be returned if the student decides—for any reason—to not continue during the year.
  • QDC will issue an invoice per term.
  • Students under this program remain eligible for the family discount.

Discounts apply if one or more students from the same family (excluding adults) attend more than one class each week.

Adults Fee Structures

QDC recognises that adults lead busy lives and often find it hard to commit to a full course of classes. To this end we have kept it simple, with individual prices for casual attendees and pre-paid dance passes offering greater value.

Adult pre-paid passes:

  • require no enrollment fee
  • are not reloadable
  • are not refundable

For QDC teachers, except directors (coloured blue on the Adult timetable PDF):

Casual Class: $22.00 per class
For an hour class
Per term: $198.00
1 class per week in your chosen class
10 classes per term

For QDC directors (coloured yellow on the Adult timetable PDF):

Casual Class: $30.00 per class
For an hour class
Per term: $270.00
1 class per week in your chosen class
10 classes per term

Get 10% off the original price per term if you enrol in 2 or more classes per week.

QDC may offer 2 make up classes (class in the same price) per term.

Term 4: 8th October, 2019–14th December, 2019

Term fees are not refundable. Classes which will be arranged/cancelled during public holiday will be issued out before each term.

Private Coaching Fee Structures

All private coaching lessons MUST be booked through the OFFICE and NOT through the teacher. Teachers will be allocated for the required genre that you require. Fees may vary according to the individual teaccher.

Visit Hao Bin & Ningning's Ballet Coaching for Excellence page for the specific hourly teaching rates applicable to QDC's senior/pre-professional course.