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A great ambassador for the dance community in Brisbane

Sheru aka Morax is one of Australia's most recognised and respected dancers in the style of Popping.

Starting in 2005, Sheru was usually the only student in Brisbane's only Popping class at the time. After just 1 year, he took over as teacher out of necessity, and since then has been one of the main driving forces in building today's thriving Queensland Popping scene.

Sheru shot to national recognition after achieving 3rd place in the TV show Australia's Got Talent with his group Shift-1 in 2008. Other television appearances have included Totally Wild, So You Think You Can Dance, Toasted TV (twice) and The Shak. You will also see him in a recent Southern Comfort advertisement.

He has performed at many events around Australia from major music festivals through to high end corporation concerts.

Sheru has helped found new groups to great acclaim. Firstly establishing Who Are These Robots in 2010, and then Swagamama in 2012. Swagamama created an international buzz following the release of their video on the TV show Everybody Dance Now. Hip-Hop legend "Mr Wiggles" has since endorsed Swagamama through a video cameo appearance.

Sheru always maintains a strong "always a student" mentality, which keeps him passionate about moving forward with his dancing, while being able to mentor newer dancers in the style. He is a great teacher with a genuine desire to teach all people how to dance.