Online Interactive Classes

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Descriptions for QDC classes are available. For RAD classes, QDC follows the RAD grading system, which defines a number of prerequisites for each group.

QDC's On-Site class timetables are still available for reference and will be used again once coronavirus-related business restrictions are lifted.

All QDC's online interactive classes will be conducted using Zoom meetings.

General notes:

Timetable Validity

Monday 6 April, 2020 until coronavirus-related trading restrictions are lifted


 Enrol NOW! Simply send email to telling us what classes you wish to enrol into.

Online Interactive Dance Courses

Queensland Dance Centre runs a full schedule of online interactive dance courses covering many styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Chinese Folk Dance, Musical Theatre and more. This page lays it all out and lets you see the relationship between the various courses that are on offer.

Class Fees

Duration Fees
45 minutes $12.00
60 minutes $15.00

Special notes:

Timetable for students under 16

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Adult Classes

Adult Weekly

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Special Online Interactive Private Lessons

QDC has recognised a demand for small groups who want a personal online interactive experience.

These groups include:

Special Online Interactive Private Lessons can cater for all dance types and levels.

Class Fees

One-to-one lesson
Duration Fees
30 minutes $40.00
45 minutes $60.00
60 minutes $80.00
One-to-two lesson
Duration Fees
45 minutes $35.00
60 minutes $45.00
One-to-three lesson
Duration Fees
45 minutes $27.00
60 minutes $35.00

Special notes: