QDC's "Hao Bin & Ningning's Ballet Coaching for Excellence." scheme provides the opportunity to receive specialised one-on-one or small group coaching to help dancers improve and reach their potential.

Fees for the Excellence program are shown on the "Hao Bin & Ningning's Ballet Coaching for Excellence." page.

Private Coaching

Private coaching allows you to benefit from the full attention of our expert teachers.

Private coaching is available for all types of dance.

Private coaching allows you to focus on the dance elements you really want to master. This is the perfect option if you want to gain confidence before joining a class, are preparing for exams or just wanting to tune up your skill set.

The fee structure for private coaching is available on our Fees and Forms page.

Private coaching lessons can be a fantastic gift!

Guest Workshops

Coaching by occasional guest dance teachers and choreographers.

QDC is occasionally proud to offer a selection of fantastic classes by some carefully selected highly professional Guest Tutors, all of whom have had extensive teaching experience and have a long list of performance credits to their name.

There is really no better way to take your performance "to the next level" than by studying at the feet of a master practitioner and QDC's guest workshops will give you to opportunity to meet some of the best.