Hao Bin & Ningning's Ballet Coaching for Excellence


QDC’s "Hao Bin & Ningning's Ballet Coaching for Excellence" will apply the advanced skills of our founding principals Hao Bin and Meng Ningning and is designed to encourage senior and pre-professional ballet dancers to achieve their fullest potential by providing and putting into practice a training regime tailored for their specific needs.

Through Ballet Coaching for Excellence, our founding principals hope to help guide and promote the best of a new generation of Ballet students...students who are themselves possessed of passion, determination and dedication...to help them to achieve their dreams.

Through Ballet Coaching for Excellence, our principals offer their knowledge and experience--gathered over more than 20 years of professional dancing throughout the world--to help the students quickly to improve their artistry and technique so that they will become ready to step out onto any ballet stage with confidence and skill.

Ballet Coaching for Excellence provides the opportunity to receive specialised one-on-one or small group coaching to help dancers improve and reach their potential. Students will have the opportunity to truly begin to understand their technique and apply corrections.

Ballet Coaching for Excellence covers the following services:

Fee Structure

Hourly teaching rates for QDC's "Hao Bin & Ningning's Ballet Coaching for Excellence" are:

  1 Student 2 Students 3–5 Students
1 hour $150.00 $100.00 each $90.00 each

Cancellation Policy

Ballet Coaching for Excellence is greatly in demand. Because of this, we are forced to impose the following cancellation policy:

More than 24 hours notice
A client that cancels a class and gives more than 24 hours notice will be given the opportunity to reschedule their time with no financial penalty.
Less than 24 hours notice
Any cancellations that occur less than 24 hrs before the scheduled class time will result in the loss of 50% of the lesson fee, at the discretion of the affected principal.
No show
Clients who make a booking and subsequently fail to turn up will be charged the full class amount.