Timetable for 2023

Queensland Dance Centre runs a full schedule of courses covering many styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Chinese Folk Dance, Musical Theatre and more.

Term dates for 2023

Term Start End Duration
1 Monday 23 January Sunday 2 April 10 Weeks
2 Monday 17 April Sunday 25 June 10 Weeks
3 Monday 10 July Sunday 17 September 10 Weeks
4 Tuesday 3 October Sunday 10 December 10 Weeks

Make-up dates for 2023

To provide convenience, facilitate early planning and give value for money to our community, we have adopted a policy regarding alternative days for classes that would otherwise be missed due to public holidays:

Term Public Holiday/Event Make-up Date
1 Australia Day
Thursday 26 January
Sunday 29 January
Tuesday 25 April
Sunday 23 April
Labour Day
Monday 1 May
None. Classes will run as normal.
3 Ekka Wednesday
16 August
None. Classes will run as normal.
4 Queen’s Birthday
Monday 2 October
Sunday 8 October

You may wish to refer to our other policies.

You may also like to refer to the 2023 School calendar for Queensland state schools (PDF; opens in new window).

Descriptions for QDC classes are available. For RAD classes, QDC follows the RAD grading system, which defines a number of prerequisites for each group.


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