Timetable for 2024

Queensland Dance Centre runs a full schedule of courses covering many styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Chinese Folk Dance, Musical Theatre and more.

Term dates for 2024

Term Start End Duration
1 Monday 22 January Thursday 28 March 10 Weeks
2 Monday 15 April Sunday 23 June 10 Weeks
3 Monday 8 July Sunday 15 September 10 Weeks
4 Monday 30 September Sunday 8 December 10 Weeks

Make-up dates for 2024

To provide convenience, facilitate early planning and give value for money to our community, we have adopted a policy regarding alternative days for classes that would otherwise be missed due to public holidays:

Term Public Holiday/Event Make-up Date
1 Australia Day
Thursday 26 January
None. Classes will run as normal.
Good Friday
Friday 29 March
Sunday 17 March
Day after Good Friday
Saturday 30 March
Sunday 24 March
Tuesday 25 April
Sunday 28 April
Labour Day
Monday 6 May
None. Classes will run as normal.
3 Ekka Wednesday
14 August
None. Classes will run as normal.
4 King’s Birthday
Monday 7 October
Sunday 13 October

You may wish to refer to our other policies.

You may also like to refer to the 2024 School calendar for Queensland state schools (PDF; opens in new window).

Descriptions for QDC classes are available. For RAD classes, QDC follows the RAD grading system, which defines a number of prerequisites for each group.

Student Timetables

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Daily Timetables


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Adult Timetable

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