Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

QDC reserves the right to update these questions as needed, at any time.

Also refer to QDC's policies.

Does QDC have a free trial class?
Of course! You can easily arrange a trial class prior to enrolling. Simply complete this form.
If you trial a class and continue for the remainder of the term, you will be invoiced for the term fee pro-rata from your first class. Please look at our Fees&Forms. If you decide not to continue after your trial class, there will be no charge.
The student won't have to wear full dress for a trial class but should wear something neat and tidy that they feel comfortable in. He/she should wear dance shoes where possible, a pair of socks if not.
Why do you have a dress code? My daughter really wants to wear a tutu!
We have a dress code for children because we want them to avoid the distraction of costumes and frills.
It is also important for the teacher to be able to see clearly how the dancer is implementing the technical aspect of the dance being taught.
Finally, it builds respect and discipline for the art form.
How do I find out about classes?
Take a look at our timetable. There is also a full list of RAD-syllabus-related and other class descriptions available on the website as well.
How do I enrol?
You will find our enrollment form on the Fees&Forms page. You should complete the form and bring it to QDC when your child turns up for his/her first session.
Do I need to take ballet classes?
Ballet is the basis on which all dance styles build upon. When ballet is taken in conjunction with other forms of dance, it will assist the student in accomplishing their dance goals quicker. Ballet training is necessary to successfully accomplish more advanced level movement techniques including multiple turns, and jump sequences. Ballet has been proven to enhance all athletic abilities.
What if my child not interested in ballet?
Hip hop, tap, and musical theatre are dance skills that can be learned with no ballet training. As a student progresses in dance they might still develop an interest and find additional value in experimenting with ballet. Students are welcome to try a ballet class any time.
When do we need to arrive for class?
Students are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of class to give them time to settle down and warm up so that they can make best use of the class time.
How many classes per week should my child do?
There are no minimum requirements for classes except for ballet classes where we require students at primary level and above to do two classes per week (this is an RAD requirement).
Is there a uniform and how do I organise this?
There is a uniform for all classes. Please refer to our dress code in the centre policies.
Can guardians/friends/etc. watch classes?
For privacy reasons, we typically do not allow class viewing.
We designate the last week of each term "Watching Week" during which classes are open for guardians, grandparents, friends, etc. to view their student's progress. Please note that this is not a general centre-wide "open day."
Please refer to our centre policies for more on this.
Does my child have to do exams?
QDC teaches the world-respected Royal Academy of Dance syllabus for ballet.
Students are strongly encouraged to participate in exams but it is not compulsory.
QDC will ensure that each student is ready and prepared well for any exam they have to sit.
Is there a concert?
We produce a concert at least once every two years.

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